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I’m Liz, an ordained Interfaith minister, a HSE-registered Celebrant, Bean Feasa and Coach.
Each role allows me to do something meaningful: to support you through an important transition or milestone in your life.
When you do this in a way that is unique to you, you deepen your connection to yourself, to the people around you and to the energy of life itself.
It’s a beautiful process, and my privilege to help you create the ceremony or life you desire.

Warm wishes,

Love one another but make not a bond of love - K. Gibran
Walk on air despite your better judgement - S. Heaney
What you seek is seeking you - Rumi


Whether the occasion is a wedding, baby blessing or end-of-life ceremony, I take the time and work closely with you to create a ceremony that reflects your beliefs and feels special to you. No two are ever the same.
In my long career in business, coaching and activism, I learnt the joy that comes from being of service to others as they move through life and experience all it has to offer. In 2020, I became a One Spirit Interfaith minister so I can continue this aspect of my work long into the future.
Today, as a HSE-registered celebrant, it’s my honour to support you to find the truest expression of your wishes and dreams for yourself and your loved ones. I support the LGBTQI+ community being in service to love in all its forms.

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My work as a celebrant includes officiating at:
  • Weddings. I’m a legally registered solemniser with the HSE so can marry any two people in a suitable location of your choosing.
  • Baby blessings
  • End-of-life ceremonies, including for beloved pets

I also help you mark other key transitions in life, which may include:
  • Divorce or separation
  • A new job or responsibility
  • Miscarriage
  • Retirement or other significant life change.

Nature is good for the Soul
Step outside to go inside
In every walk with Nature you receive far more than you seek.
Shift happens


Coaching is life-changing

It’s all too easy to lose sight of what you want. As a qualified life and career coach, I help you to identify it and then empower you to achieve it.
In my coaching work, I compassionately challenge and support you to realise your full potential. As you gain clarity and grow in confidence, you make new choices that together build the future you dream of.
Nature is good for the soul, so I coach outdoors too. Spending time in nature and using the wisdom of the natural world helps to reconnect with your purpose in the world, and what you want to achieve.
It’s powerful stuff. Life-changing, enriching, exciting.

Who i am as a coach

Thanks to 25 years spent in businesses across Ireland and abroad, my forte is team building, leadership development, coaching and mentoring.
Activism has been another powerful influence. In the 1970s and 1980s, I was centrally involved in the Women’s Movement. I helped establish the first Rape Crisis Centre in Ireland, was Vice Chair of the National Women’s Council, and served as an elected member of the European Network of Women.
In my thirties I became interested in Shamanic work and joined a Shamanic Lodge to study the Celtic tradition, particularly the Celtic Wheel of Life. And in 2020 I became a One Spirit Interfaith minister.
I bring all of this to bear in my coaching work to help you find a life that feeds your soul, lifts your spirit and empowers you to play to your strengths.

Boldness has genius, power and magic in it - Goethe
What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life- M. Oliver
Keep some room in your heart for the Unimaginable - M. Oliver

Bean Feasa

What is a Bean Feasa?

In the Celtic tradition, the Bean Feasa (Irish for "Wise Woman") held the memory of the community together, honouring the gift of story - of how we reveal our nature by the stories we tell of ourselves.
The Bean Feasa knew the power of ritual and ceremony to mark significant transitions in our lives. She was attuned to the natural world and understood how important it is to our survival, to feeling peace and connection. She listened and gave wise counsel with compassion and generosity.
The Bean Feasa role might be a traditional one, but it retains an important place in today’s society. We all know these wise women. They are our mothers and grandmothers, sisters and friends. The pandemic reminded us of the importance of community, of celebration, of listening, of telling our stories.
The Bean Feasa is alive in all of us.


As a Bean Feasa, I offer guidance, empathy, support and reassurance to women who may be struggling in some way.
I offer it without judgement, in a safe space of trust and solidarity.
Activist, mother, grandmother and working woman - I’ve been all these and more. The different perspectives I’ve gained help me to understand your needs and support you to navigate challenges with greater ease and optimism.
How I work:
  • Women’s circles. I facilitate sessions where we can learn from and support each other. There is great power in the collective, especially for those who feel isolated.
  • One on one. Sometimes people want to keep things small, so I can work with individuals to help you resolve or work through whatever concerns you have.

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