liz sherry

About me

Nothing is wasted. That’s the conclusion I reach when I look back on what has so far been a rich and varied life and career.
We’re taught to see our professional and personal lives as separate entities. That’s not how I see it, or how I think it should be.

I’ve worked in management consultancies in Ireland and abroad, so am familiar with and at ease in what is termed the ‘corporate world.’ But I’ve also been a lifelong advocate of and activist for women. I was a radical when it felt like we’d never get there, in the 1970s and 1980s.

And then there is the spiritual ‘seeker’ in me who has studied shamanism and Celtic tradition and is today a One Spirit minister.
I am all these things and more: mother, grandmother, friend, working woman. I believe that’s the case for all of us - that we are many things at once. And as long as we feel at ease in ourselves and have clarity about what we want to achieve in life, we’re all the better for it.

So yes, nothing is wasted. We bring our best personal qualities to our work, and vice versa. We may keep certain activities separate, but we’re happiest when we can work and live in ways that give expression to and align with our values and principles.
This is how I work, whether as a coach, celebrant or Bean Feasa. I bring the same values to each role: integrity, trust, humour, empathy, compassion, truth. Above all, I bring a sense of our shared humanity, and I invite you to do the same.